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Our French Alpines . . . . 
Since 1970 Deborah has been raising French Alpine dairy goats, starting in 4-H.  Later on, her children Serena and Seth had Alpines in 4-H, and even though no one is in 4-H anymore, the goats have endured.
 With the commercial corruption and GMO-contamination of America's food supply today, it is becoming ever apparent that a sound knowledge of what we are eating is of utmost importance.  We encourage people to be as locally sustainable as possible, and with the huge variety of products possible from your milk, it is a great place to start. 

With several does, it is possible to make your entire year's supply of cheddar or other hard, aged cheeses; enjoy fresh cheeses like Feta and Chevre, and yogurt, kefir or ice cream whenever you wish and on short order.  You can pretty much make any "cow" cheese yourself out of your goat milk, including Romano and Parmesan. 

 Our goat's milk is sweet and wholesome, absolutely no "goaty" flavor or afertaste.  Besides good breeding, scrupulous cleanliness and milk handling go together for great tasting milk that your entire family will appreciate and enjoy.

   With every doe purchase, you are entitled to a FREE introductory cheesemaking class to encourage sustainable knowledge of your dairy products.

 We are one of the very few pure French Alpine herds in the United States today.   All our dairy goats are ADGA registeredPurebred FrenchAlpines.  Today, we continue to breed for an elegant, correct French doe who produces milk ideal for the production of the cheeses and other dairy products we make and enjoy.  

Currently Available:  A lovely brown/white doe kid, born March 2014, $200.

Miss Pretty Cou Blanc
Kunic's Favorite Rose
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Remember, we offer 24/7 "Tech support"with every animal sale.
You won't be left "in the dark" with questions about your new animal's care;  and you are encouraged to call ANY time if you have a question or problem; we want to see you succeed as we have. We care about our animals AND our customers.
Have to bottle feed a new baby kid, calf, colt or piglet?  We will have available fresh goat milk for this purpose available at $2.50 per quart, ranch pick up or we can arrange delivery elsewhere that fits everyone's schedule.